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Colin Layzell Cabinet Maker

One of my very first clients. Colin is a highly skilled and talented cabinet maker. Penn Graphics offered it's services as a designer and then a photographer.

Colin Layzell.jpg

Devon Timmerhus Log Cabins

Penn Graphics was asked to produce a brand for a company that hand crafts traditional Swedish log cabins. The logo uses a runic style that reflects the Scandinavian heritage. All cabins are lovingly hand made using beautiful Swedish axes.

TH Small.png
Timmerhus Business Card.jpg

Beauty Garden - Natural Beauty Products

Based in the Corrèze, Beauty Garden was the brainchild of the founder of Sothys, an international cosmetics company. The concept was simple: to create a garden that produces plants organically, then create beauty products from the plants. Penn Graphics has provided the photography as well as the design of packaging and a brochure.

Soin Doc 4-5.jpg
Soin Doc 8-9.jpg

Photos: © Penn Graphics

Pech de Jammes Vineyard

Penn Graphics was approached to design the label for this very special wine. Illustration also by Penn Graphics.

DAN_3693 lr.jpg

Civette & Unicorn Perfumery

Producer of hand crafted perfumes. Logo design, posters, leaflets and bottle labels.

CU Logo.jpg
Poster St2.jpg
Apotho Patchouli.jpg
Apotho High Attitude Lavender.jpg
Apotho Merrilly Neroli.jpg
Apotho Ambre Dreams.jpg
Apotho Let's Be Frank.jpg
Apotho Vetyfer Afrique.jpg
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