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Dordogne Valley Tourism

Penn Graphics was commissioned to take photographs to promote the region, as well as design a large brochure which was printed in a number of different languages.

Photos: © Penn Graphics

OTVD Cover.jpg
OTVD 24-25.jpg
OTVD 26-27.jpg
DV Logo.jpg
2020 Tourist Map Outlines rev. AW.jpg

Sarlat Tourist Office

A commission to photograph a number of subjects throughout the year, from guided tours, local villages, events and historical sites.

Photos: © Penn Graphics

Eyrignac Gardens

Penn Graphics was asked to increase their portfolio of photographs, as well as design the main promotional leaflet and a series of large posters to be displayed prominently in the Dordogne region well as Paris.

2018 1200x1760mm Poster AW.jpg
Eyrignac 1.jpg
Eyrignac 2.jpg

Photos: © Penn Graphics

Savignoux Golf Club

Design of golf club identity with an aircraft runway running through the middle. Penn Graphics incorporated the wind sock into the brand to reflect this unique feature.

Savignoux Golf.jpg
Tee Signs 280x280mm.jpg
Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 17.47.35.png
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